Welcome to my homepage!

Hi, I'm Horatiu Lazu. I am studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, and interned twice at Bloomberg LP in New York City working on machine learning projects and contributing to the open-source distributed search platform and engine Apache Solr/Lucene.

Road cycling is my hobby, with my Strava Wind Analysis site providing analytics and data visualization to over 50,000 users.
Feel free to also checkout my GitHub profile or my YouTube Channel that has over 1 million views.

Computing Competitions & Awards

HackerRank Algorithm Contests - 98th Percentile Rating, O(1) Division
USA Computing Olympiad 2016 - Platinum Division (Top Division)
Canadian Computing Competition Senior 2015 - Group 2 (Top-50 of 1500)
Canadian Computing Competition Junior 2014 - Group 1 (Perfect Score)
Strava Worldwide API Developer Challenge 2016 - Winner

University of Waterloo - $10,000 Mathematics Scholarship (1 of 10)
William Lyon Mackenzie - Computer Programming Excellence Award
Toronto Secondary School Chess Championships - Bronze Medal
Euclid Mathematics Contest - Distinction (Top 10%)

Experience & Education

Bloomberg LP / Fixed Income Search - Software Engineering Intern - 2018
Bloomberg LP / Excel Add-In (DAPI) - Software Engineering Intern - 2017
Bluesun (WealthServ) - Software Developer Intern - 2016

University of Waterloo - Computer Science (3.97 mGPA) - 2016/2021
Teaching Assistant - Linear Algebra (Math 136) - Fall 2017

Horatiu Lazu

Strava Wind Analysis

Provides historical and aggregate ride/segment analytics, data visualization and machine learning for cyclists on the Strava platform

Horatiu Lazu

Karnaugh Simplification

Simplifies boolean expressions visually.

Horatiu Lazu

Synthetic Division

Demonstrates Ruffini's extended law of division.

Horatiu Lazu

Atomic Smasher

Demonstrates the basics of chemistry in a game.

Horatiu Lazu

Tower of Hanoi

Java Tower of Hanoi game using hsa framework.

Horatiu Lazu

Maze Solving Robot

Robot that traverses a maze.

Horatiu Lazu

Basilisk 3D

Snake game with various game-modes.