Starting off, I’m roughly four months late! I decided to do one of these posts for each internship, and since I’m starting my next co-op in Chicago at Citadel Securities in less than 2 weeks, and I have an exam in 3 days, there’s no better time to procrastinate.

In my opinion, road biking let me explore the regions around San Francisco much better than I would be able to otherwise see (with the exception of having a car), so I hope you enjoy the views :-)

Golden Gate Bridge, fun fact is that it actually has an incline which is noticable while cycling

View from the Golden Gate Bridge

Alongside Highway 1, around 2/3rds the way towards San Francisco form Santa Cruz

Alongside Highway 1, halfway between San Francisco and Santa Cruz

View of downtown San Francisco at sunset from Twin Peaks

Alpine Dam, south of Fairfax

Overlooking Mill Valley

Mount Tamalpais West Peak

Mount Tamalpais East Peak

Overlooking Muir Woods

More views of Muir Woods

Overlooking Stinson Beach

Clearer picture of Stinson Beach

Overlooking San Rafael

Sunset view of Battery Spencer

Marin Headlands, the descent reaches -18% slope (there’s a sign)

Ocean Beach, just south of Lands’ End

Lake Merced Park

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

View from just past the Seven Sisters

Amy’s Island Peak

Alcatraz Island

View of a cell at Alcatraz

San Francisco’s Cable Car Museum