Software Updates and Development
This application is still in development, and has no planned official release date for the first version. However, significant progress has taken place such that it can already be used to simplify boolean expressions.

Feel free to visit the GitHub repository for updates. For more info contact me at

Major Milestones Achieved
  • Completed custom UI components for truth-table
  • Completed panel structures for UI
  • Completed truth-table to SOP expressions
  • Completed bitwise algorithms to generate karnaugh map labelling
  • Completed algorithm generating optimal pairings
  • Completed pairing rendering on grid
  • Completed bitwise algorithm to convert pairings to SOP expressions
Future Milestones
  • Allow for wrapping pairings around borders and corners to further optimize simplification
  • Use Quine-McCluskey and branch-bound method to simplify expressions with up to 15 variables
  • Allow for the plotting and manipulation of disjoint set pairs to generate Karnaugh Maps