About Me

I am Horatiu Lazu, currently attending the University of Waterloo. I enjoy solving problems, which is why I love doing coding challenges. Moreover, I do road biking as a hobby.

Throughout high-school I took part in lots of programming contests, and this led me to develop strong algorithm/data-structure knowledge. I also learned how to think quickly, under pressure and on the spot.

Besides software development and programming competitions, I enjoy road biking. I generally ride for longer rides, and visit nearby towns in century rides (ie, >100km). I particularily enjoy climbing, in addition to doing Strava Segments.

Feel free to follow me on social media, this includes GitHub, Facebook , LinkedIn along with YouTube. You can also look at my résumé.

This is me! In my spare time I enjoy riding long-distance bike rides. I compete in Strava segments, do century-rides and train on hills.

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