Below is an overview of languages that I have used throughout my life.
Language Name Brief Description Year(s) Developed Platform Sample Project
Java Proficient language, used in competitive programming and software development. 2013-present Desktop, Android Atomic Smasher
HTML/CSS Proficient languages, used extensively for web development (including this site)! 2014-present Web Development Personal Website
Javascript Strong understanding, used for web development and apps. 2016-present Web Development Segment Analysis
Racket Strong understanding of functional language principles. 2016-2017 Desktop To-Be-Announced
C/C++ Familiar languages, used extensively with Arduino and RobotC. 2014-present Desktop, Robots Arduino Robots
PHP Limited understanding, used primarily for web-development. 2016-present Web Development To-Be-Announced
Python Familiar language, used for quick scripts. 2016-present Desktop, Back-End Google Forms Bot
C# Familiar language, used at an internship with BlueSun. 2011-2013, 2016 Desktop Basilisk 3D
SQL Familiar language, used occassionally for small simple databases 2016 Desktop Decanting
Visual Basic Familiar language, used for software development in Visual Studio. 2010-2013 Desktop Pong
Objective-C Familiar language, used in simple iOS app development with Xcode. 2012-2013 iOS (iPhone/iPad) Lyon's Den App 2.0
Turing Experienced language, used extensively for simple games and animations. 2012-2013 Desktop Connect4
Assembly 8085 Basic understanding, used for simple sort and search only. 2015 N/A Bubble Sort
  • Quick Learner
  • Problem solving skills
  • Strong leadership skills
Computing Contests
  • CCC Senior: Top-50 in Canada
  • USA Computing Olympiad: Platinum
  • Google Code Jam '15: Top 3000 in the World
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • System Scalability
  • Web & Mobile Development