Features of Karnaugh Map
Karnaugh Map Simplifier comes with various features to ease the process of circuit minimization.
  • listGenerates SOP Expressions from Truth-Table

    Truth-table is automatically generated for the user to indicate true/false values, from which an SOP expression is generated as the inputted equation.

  • loopReal-time Karnaugh Visualization

    Karnaugh Map is visualized in real-time (and can be disabled to save CPU resources)

  • visibilityVisually Displays Karnaugh Map with Pairings

    The unique aspect of this software is actually showing patterns in a Karnaugh Map while simplifying boolean expressions. The different groups are color coded in material colors so you can quickly see the variances in grey code.

  • inputExports pairings to simplified SOP expressions

    Despite showing pairings, the software will also generate the simplified SOP expression for you! This is accomplished through a bitwise algorithm looking for consistent bits within pairings.